Two Color Pants Hanger

Made with high quality PP material, this hanger features a 360 degree rotating hook for easier drying. The non-slip clips and adjustable length allow for custom fits to your article of clothing.


Goods number: LJ-1297
Name: Two Color Pants Hanger
Specifications: 2 Pack
Material: PP
Packing number:60
Product Size: 36*18.5cm
Carton size: 78*76.5*35cm
Net weight: 195.8g/only
Barcode: 6922286943267
Product description: PP material is preferred, durable and long-lasting, fresh color, comfortable feel; 360° rotating hook, drying more heart; non-slip clip mouth teeth design, prevent clothing from falling off, drying more peace of mind, clip slide design, according to the size of the clothing Adjust the length, hanging sun more peace of mind.