LongStar 6-piece Rectangle Food Container Set LK-2020

> SKU: LK-2022

This six-piece sets features food containers of varying size to suit the different needs of customers with a total of 5 capacities ( 8500ml, 370ml, 400ml, 860ml and 1600ml). When not in use, they can be stored within one another for compact storage. Elegant, simple, and a great way to organize your kitchen. The high quality PP material is non-hazardous and durable, and is not easily stained. With the 4 buckle locks and high-quality silicon resin on the cover, this container locks and seals the freshness of your food inside with it’s moisture and leak-proof design. Preserving not just your food, but its flavor and moisture, this container can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. Suitable for microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.


Product Name: Six-piece crisper
Material: PP
MOQ: 3000pcs

1. Model: LK-2020
Capacity: 8500ml & 290.40oz
Product Size: 31x22x11CM
Product weight: 584g

2. Model: LK-2008
Capacity: 370ml & 12.64oz
Product Size: 11x11x6CM
Product weight: 75 g

3. Model: LK-2012 * 2
Capacity: 400ml & 13.67oz
Product Size: 13x10x6CM
Product weight: 70g

4. Model: LK-2009
Capacity: 860ml & 29.38oz
Product Size: 15x15x7CM
Product weight: 129 g

5. Model: LK-2016
Capacity: 1600ml & 34.16oz
Product Size: 15x11x16.5CM
Product weight: 149g

Total product weight: 1095g
Net weight: 8.8kgs
Gross weight: 10.3kgs
Packing rate: 8 / box
Carton size: 57.5 * 42.5 * 49 * cm
Design: Simple and elegant design. Suitable for microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.
Uses: Crisper
Color classification: Purple, Blue (Custom Colors Available)
Certification: LFGB, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14000,
Audits: BSCI, Lidl, WalMart