Jane Eyre Glass Storage Tank 1.36L

> SKU: LJ-0888

The use of high quality manometer plates for bamboo covers can effectively prevent cracks caused by long-term use and ensure the service life of the products. Does not easily get damp or moldy. Designed to be modern and stylish, yet simple, the textured bamboo cover and food grade silicone seal ring creates a perfect seal for safety and health. The clear glass allows for viewing of the contents at all angles. The glass is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and microwaves.


Product number: LJ-0888
Name of Product: Jane Eyre Glass Storage Tank 1.36L
Capacity: 1.36L
Material: SR, borosilicate, bamboo
Packing number: 1*8 only
Product size: 9.5*21cm
Carton size: 42.5*21.2*26cm
Net weight: 480g/a
Barcode: 6922286925614