Customer Service


Have an idea that needs to be realized? Work with us to bring your idea into reality. Our experienced team of professionals will be ready to assist you in designing, engineering, and troubleshooting your idea into an actual final product.


Whether it's using one of our 5000 ready-made molds, or making one especially for your products, LongStar has the resources to bring your idea to the next step with precision and speed.


With close to 370 acres of land dedicated to manufacturing we are prepared with the capacity to meet any and all demands you may have for your product.

Packaging Design

Our internal team of dedicated graphic artists and marketing experts are ready to make your product stand out on store shelves and make their way into your customers' hands.


With a global network of customers in over 60 countries, we have the experience and knowledge on how to get your products from our factories into your warehouses, hassle free.